James and Julie went to the Windy City to teach PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement

James and I just had a fun weekend with an outstanding group of movement professionals in Chicago. We received fabulous feedback throughout the weekend, and what is even more cool is the feedback I received Monday and Tuesday as course participants are energized and starting to use the material in their settings. Tina Milillo, brand new student to PRI who attended our course for the first time, sent me a message Monday stating “I applied super basic PRI concepts with 2 of my clients this morning, and it was so awesome the feedback I received”. Both of her clients had back pain and when she incorporated the principles of breathing and repositioning thoracic posture, both were able to move through a greater range of motion and train without pain. Additionally, they were able to find and feel the correct muscles to the movement pattern that she was coaching. She was shocked at how easy and effective it was to apply the material she learned this past weekend and see instant results!
PRI Integration and Fitness and Movement is quickly spreading the globe, we’ve had students from various parts of Canada, London, and then this weekend we had a student come all the way from Australia! Thank you Craig Ambler for making the 18-hour trip! Craig is preparing for his PRC and said to me, “this course really helped me put the jig saw puzzles more together”.
Lastly, thank you to Sean Griffin and his wonderful staff at Chicago Primal Gym for hosting the course.  These guys are doing some exciting things, and James and I are thankful that they invited us into their facility to share this course material!!!
If you think this is a course you want to attend this year, do not wait to sign up. These last two both sold out and had significant waiting lists. Our upcoming course locations include EXOS in Dallas, Pure Performance Training in Boston, and lastly the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix. I’m looking forward to them all, because this course just keeps getting better!  


Posted March 4, 2016 at 4:05PM
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