Richmond, VA Pelvis Restoration - Course in Review

Many thanks to Lori Strobl, Shawn Van Decker and the Bon Secours Physical Therapy department for allowing us to use their gorgeous facility where we enjoyed a beautiful weekend learning the science of Pelvis Restoration. We learned about four quadrants of the inlet and the outlet of the pelvis, how to use our objective tests to engage in an efficient inhibition and facilitation treatment algorithm for the pelvis. I enjoyed the discussion about teaching clients how to go beyond neutral into frontal plane control of a pelvis stance and bounce between left and right stance. From new PRI folks to seasoned vets of the PRI paradigm, we had a good dialogue and a first rate course attendance. Virginia truly is for lovers--what a loving group that made this weekend a joy to be a part of!  Thanks again to each! 

Posted March 3, 2016 at 4:22PM
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