Pelvis Restoration. San Diego, CA. Course in Review

A big shout out to Water Sports and Physical Therapy for hosting Pelvis Restoration this past weekend in San Diego, CA.    The 40 plus course attendees dove into the complexity of what we all know as AFIR (IPIR) and AFER (IPER).   I feel they gained an understanding that if we don’t have tri-planar control of a pelvis we won’t have control of a femur or a thorax.  We really hit inhibition of the inlet and outlet to assist with clinical outcomes.   I had the awesome help of lab assistants Caleb Chiu, CSCS, PRT and Skip George, DC, PRC.  Although I wasn’t able to run along the ocean this trip (it was dark going to work and coming back), it gave me great joy to assist these practitioners on their PRI journey with 17 attendees being newbies! 

Posted February 29, 2016 at 10:55PM
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