PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement. Seattle, WA. Course in Review.

Last weekend, we delivered the PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement course for the 3rd time in Seattle Washington. It was a jam packed course with nearly 50 attendees, and overall a really fun group of people. I love helping people start to look at the body through a new paradigm and talking to people over the breaks listening to their experiences and ah-ha moments. This course is absolutely full with a lot of practical application for all movement professionals. Aaron Haque who is the Director of Strength and Conditioning for Courthouse Performance in Salem Oregon was in attendance and this was his 5th PRI course. He was nice enough to put together some thoughts for the readers of what he got out of the weekend with James and I:

“The information in the Fitness and Movement course can be immediately understood and applied on Monday morning. It contains important information for the laymen and the experienced student as well. After taking all 3 base level courses and 1 advanced the Fitness and Movement course gave me a new perspective on the end-game goal of PRI and it's application.

The portions of the course covering gait, respiration, and ZOA in-particular were described in different ways that I had not heard before bringing in a clearer thought process and focused direction. 

The course manual is dense and chock-full of information that can immediately be applied. And it was interesting to see the course broken-up into planes of movement instead of dysfunctional polyarticular chains and how to correct them.  I believe this organizational change, in-particular, will make make it much easier to test, correct, and progress.”

Thank you Aaron for sharing your perspective! Additionally, special thanks to Olympic Physical Therapy/ATI and Chad Williams for being an awesome host and also thanks to Amie Holbrook for assisting us in the lab. Getting to travel around the country to teach this course and share this information is truly a blessing. Thank you to all who attended! I was disappointed I forgot to take a group photo with you all! Here is James and Min paying tribute to one of the most powerful athletes who understood the value of managing airflow and keeping his 12 ribs mobile, the one and only Bruce Lee (check out Min’s shirt). 

Our next available course to register for, is this summer at EXOS in Dallas Texas. Do not wait to sign up. It will sell out! We will also be in Boston and Phoenix!

Posted February 25, 2016 at 2:47PM
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