PRI Integration for the Home. Fort Collins, CO. Course in Review

I had some great feedback on this weekend’s course from some trusted colleagues I thought would reflect the weekend better than anything I could say. So Brian, Marci and Moon, thank you. Thanks so much to Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy for being such a great host site.

“I have taken several PRI courses. To this point, courses seemed to be organized into pelvis/lower extremities, pelvis and spine, and thorax/ribs discussions. Each primary course was very detailed and, at times, they were overwhelming with all of the good details, progressions, and exercises specific to these areas. I wanted to take this course initially because I thought that it would be a good review of general PRI concepts. After all, it is a course geared toward older adults. What could possibly be challenging about that? 
What I got was the most comprehensive, completely integrated course that I have ever taken. This class looks at a person from head to toe and clearly shows how to quickly evaluate that person in almost any setting, position, or condition (including frail, elderly, and/or chronically injured patients). It ties together how rib mechanics, diaphragm function, spinal movement, pelvis positioning, and even foot contact all completely sync together. The class shows how we can quickly come up with a systematic approach to restore function through respiration and alternating reciprocal gait. The class is designed to talk in more general terms and it can easily and instantly be utilized by just about any health care provider in any setting. It was the most thorough yet understandable course that I have ever taken and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to grasp how we truly should move and function.” 

Brian Benjamin, DPT

“I would describe this course as a compact advance integration course and over 75% percent of the information is clinical and treatment based.  The PRI principles were stated simply with no abbreviations.  Absolutely the best explanation of gait mechanics that I have heard in 15 years of practice, including my master's course work and DPT program coursework.  The information covered will change the way I treat all of my patients.  The home exercise instructions are simplified and use little to no props, which will make my home programs more successful.  This is course is not just for the home health therapist, but for any therapist who treats geriatrics in any setting and I will have patients of all ages using this program.  This course is not just for those who use PRI or have taken PRI course.  This material is for anyone who wants to maximize the performance of their patients or clients.  That performance could be transfers, gait, single leg stance, balance, running, or lifting mechanics. Phenomenal!”
Marci Heine, MSPT, PRC

“Thanks again for a great course. Truly my favorite to date. Maybe that's because I could just sit back and soak it all in and capture the nuggets as they came or just because of the content and delivery. Even being PRC it helped me to realize that I'm really over thinking concepts and exercise prescription half the time.  If you lose a ZOA and a hamstring and don't get upright and functional, you're program is sunk. The emphasis of function, function, function and integration was supreme. This course is an absolute must for everyone but especially those that are new to PRI or were frustrated after taking one of the core classes and getting hung up on acronyms and concepts. I feel like this course (and perhaps the fitness and movement class presents the same) is the best representation of PRI concepts and progression of alternating and reciprocal functional movement I've had to date. It is applicable across the age span and absolutely not just for geriatric care. I'd venture to guess that most people move around their kitchen and bathroom and sleep in a bed:).”
Moon Hemeyer, MS, MTC, DPT, PRC

"The real reason a PRI course held in Colorado during the winter is so great."

Posted February 24, 2016 at 9:54PM
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