Louisville, KY. Myokinematic Restoration. Course in Review.

Teena Murray and the University of Louisville Sports Performance team were wonderful hosts to Myokinematic Restoration this past weekend. The facilities and the hospitality were top notch as expected, but it was especially cool to team up with such a great group to discuss the neurology and biomechanics of hip performance.

A big thank you to Bill Hartman for joining me on the presentation end of things as an excellent lab assistant. In fact, I felt more like I was Bill's assistant when he took over the explanation of exercise and technique delivery in the lab portion of the course. It was great to have your expertise and awesome ability to connect PRI into the world of athletic performance as we teamed up to give the group hands-on exposure to this science. 

Lucy Hendricks said it best when she messaged me two days after the course: "I now realize that I truly couldn't stand the way I knew I was supposed to because of the position of my pelvis. I feel so grounded (now that I have AFIR and ligamentous muscle). I'm already walking and standing a lot better. Even when I'm not thinking about it."

Lucy, thanks for reminding us that getting grounded is the name of the game. Actually, getting properly sequenced AFIR is the name of the game and the resulting neuro inhibition does the grounding. 

Because the ground is a great place to start the building process when your motto is "Building Athletes and Preparing Champions!" Thank you UofL Athletics for a great PRI weekend! #GoCards!


Posted February 12, 2016 at 9:20PM
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