Phoenix, AZ PRI Integration for Baseball 2016, Course in Review

Enjoyed a great weekend at the Peoria Sports Complex with a super group of baseball professionals building our knowledge and expanding our perspective on how to care for the overarm rotational athlete. A big thank you to Jimmy Southard for being a great host and the consummate professional. 

Using slow motion video analysis, we broke down upper extremity mechanics, torso mechanics, lumbo pelvic mechanics and lower extremity mechanics for all phases of throwing. We looked closely at the influence of alternating reciprocal torso mechanics on alternating reciprocal arm mechanics and vise versa. 

Common human postural patterns as related to the pelvis and thorax were presented and discussed. The compensatory rotational patterns that commonly develop with overarm rotational athletics were also outlined and explained. Early phase throwing mechanics vs late phase throwing mechanics were then analyzed in context of these patterns for both the right and left handed thrower. 

Testing parameters, mechanical tendencies and treatment guidelines were offered for each of the three identified rotational patterns. From there, training recommendations were provided, depending on when the throwing mechanics tend to break down. Training activities were provided for faulty early phase throwing for the right hander, late phase throwing for the right hander, early phase throwing for the left hander and late phase throwing for the left hander. 

All in all, it was a great weekend of working with my good friend and colleague Allen Gruver on enhancing both throwing and hitting performance using principles of respiration, neurology and sound movement mechanics. The attendees all seemed to appreciate the opportunity to learn and practice all of our testing, treatment and training ideas for the right and left handed baseball athlete. 


Posted January 21, 2016 at 3:27PM
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