Phoenix, AZ, PRI Integration for Baseball, Course in Review

A big thank you to Lonnie, Jeff, Thomas and everyone at the Cleveland Indians organization for being such generous hosts this weekend. Arranging to feed the entire course a great breakfast and a great lunch in their dining facilities on both days was going above and beyond the call of duty. The food and kindness they shared with us added to the world-class hospitality PRI has come to appreciate from the Cleveland Indians.

I discussed the rib cage mechanics and also the pelvic and hip mechanics needed to correctly move the human body through both the early stance and late stance phases of normal gait and then Allen applied these gait principles to the art of understanding pitching and hitting mechanics for a right and left hander. The slow motion video analysis helped attendees analyze movement and sequencing faults that begin to unfold during the very important Stride to Cocking phases of pitching and then to understand how these problems can influence later phase baseball performance. The connection between these early phase problems and problems that show up later during Acceleration, Deceleration and Follow-through were discussed in great detail. 

Allen went on to do a great job helping the group understand how alternating reciprocal shoulder, arm, and wrist movement in three planes drives alternating reciprocal thorax and rib cage movement for baseball performance. The group was able to take what they already understand about pitching and hitting and expand upon it as they analyzed dynamic rib cage and thorax posture. Its always amazing to see a group of seasoned baseball professionals re-evaluate how they look at throwing and hitting mechanics after giving them an expanded view of the thoracic requirements and also the pelvic requirements for both the right and left handed baseball athlete. 

Posted November 25, 2015 at 2:36PM
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