Why PRI Orthotics?

We have had many inquiries regarding PRI orthotics.  When asked the difference between other orthotics and PRI orthotics, Dr. Paul Coffin had this to say…

“Other inserts rely on sensory response or stimulation to create a motor response to make the feet work in a fashion that the orthotist feels most appropriate.  My favorite way of explaining this approach is to suggest that a sharp tack placed under the big toe joint would at first cause a reflex reaction to the painful stimulus then a learned motor response to change the pattern of muscular recruitment to prevent the foot from coming down on the tack again.  I suspect that if the tack were left in place it would change the entire body position as we walk or stand as well as change the central nervous system’s learned pattern of muscular recruitment for the entire body. This doesn’t mean that the new body position or the new motor recruitment response is appropriate, just different.  But if a patient were having pain, this change in body position and motor recruitment pattern would most likely change or eliminate the pain the patient was having. The disadvantage is that if the patient continued in this abnormal gait pattern created by the tack under the big toe joint there would eventually be a whole host of other problems that would be created.” 

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Posted December 19, 2008 at 5:33PM
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