Myokinematic Restoration, Huntington Beach, CA, Course in Review

This past weekend I rounded out an intense year of teaching across the country and around the world by heading to California Rehab and Sports Therapy   It was there that I taught Myokinematics to a group of PT's, ATC's and CSCS's who were essentially new to the world of PRI.  Alan Vogel PT was our host and the class caught-on to the concepts very quickly!  The labs were intense with tons of questions throughout.  Thanks to so many of the attendees who made the weekend seem to fly by for me.  You all are the best and I am confident that our paths will cross again.  Claudia and Theresa thank you for dinner and your friendship.  December takes me to Lincoln, NE for Advanced Integration and testing for many potential  future PRC's.  Good luck to you all as you near the completion of this exhaustive process!!!

Posted November 6, 2015 at 6:39PM
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