Common Myokinematic Restoration Dilemmas


For those of you tuning in the last few days, we have been discussing common dilemmas that occur with a PRI program.  Today we will highlight dilemmas that occur when instructing a Myokinematic Restoration program and offer suggestions on how to correct the dilemma:

1.  Can’t find and feel left hamstring

In a 90-90 position use the isotrainer ledge or similar set up to disengage paravertebrals
Blow up a balloon in a 90-90 position with right arm reach and toes off the wall

2.  Can’t find and feel left adductor

Allow the patient to ‘roll’ entire torso and hip back upon Right Sidelying Left Adductor Pull Back during inhalation.  Upon exhalation, contract the left abdominals - left knee into right thigh or ball
Right Sidelying Knee to Knee – we often forget about this co-contraction adductor technique
Left Sidelying Knee Toward Knee with Left Trunk Rotation – move knee with left abs on and during state of inhalation

3.  Can’t find and feel right glute max

Single Leg Wall Left AF IR with Right Glute Max
Standing Supported Right AF ER with Right Glute Max
Left Retro Stairs with left AF IR Stance, left foot one step higher than the right.  Focus on right AF ER / glute max facilitation

4.  Can’t abduct right leg without right low back activity

Un-Resisted Single Leg Lateral Dip - emphasis on simultaneous right cervical and left thoracic abduction
Sidelying Swiss Ball with Passive Apical Expansion - focus on contracting left IO/TA’s upon inhalation, hold and then attempt to raise right leg with hip abductors
Standing Resisted Adductor Pull in -left leg in left thoracic abduction

5.  Can’t inhibit left TFL or left hip flexors

Single Left Leg Kneeling with right hip flexion
Right Sidelying Left Glute Med in Hip Extension - push left knee into the wall above
Right Sidelying Left Anterior Glute Med with TFL Inhibition - push left thigh into post

Tommorrow we will highlight common dilemmas that take place with a Postural Respiration program!


Posted November 3, 2008 at 5:16PM
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