Common Postural Respiration Dilemmas

Yesterday I highlighted common problems that may occur when initiating a Myokinematic Restoration program.  Today I will cover common dilemmas in a Postural Respiration program:

1.  Can’t reduce left rib flare

Open right low back – inhibit right quadratus lumborum.
Right Superior T4 manual technique or two person Infraclavicular Pump with emphasis on proprioceptive integration of inhalation on right and exhalation on left.
90-90 abdominal integration without use of hip flexors.

2.  Can’t realize 70-80% of passive right HG IR

Restore left horizontal abduction and cervical axial rotation to the left.  Guide right humeral internal rotation with hand placement on volar forearm to inhibit HG ER guarding.
Supine Resisted Right HG IR with Left HG ER to fatigue right teres minor and infraspinatus, followed by Supine Resisted Right HG IR with Weighted Left HG ER.
Two person Right Subclavius manual technique.

3.  Can’t achieve 45% of left upper extremity horizontal abduction

Supine Hooklying T8 Extension
Paraspinal Release
Standing Hip Flexor Stretch
Sternal Positional Stretch

4.  Can’t expand right chest with left chest wall resisted expansion

Improve right thoracic rotation with technique that places a rolled towel along the left paraspinals when in supine.
PRI Supine Weighted Punch (right serratus anterior) with Right Apical Expansion and (left latissimus dorsi) Left Resisted HG IR.
Two person Superior T4 with right arm distraction from mid range flexion to full flexion (end range) during inhalation.

5.  Can’t blow up a balloon without pinching balloon neck

Allow patient to blow balloon and pinch neck during inhalation at first.  Then practice tongue up during pinch. Then attempt again normal balloon process with epiglottis sealed by tongue.
Can they perform Supine Hooklying Restorative Synchronized Resisted Glute without arching back?
Consider blowing up a balloon correctly in seated position first to allow for posterior mediastinal expansion.  Then go back to supine hooklying position.

Tommorrow we will end this series on Common Dilemmas with a Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration program!

Posted November 4, 2008 at 5:15PM
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