A DPT Student's First Course Experience

This past weekend I had a Physical Therapy student in my Myokinematic Restoration course in Salem, OR. Jed was kind enough to write up his perspective on the course for this week’s course in review.

"I am a current DPT student who just finished my first PRI course, Myokinematic Restoration in Salem, Oregon. James Anderson taught an amazing class and shared a story I could relate to. He talked about how he quit therapy after graduating PT school and how the science of PRI brought him back into the clinic. I'm finishing my first clinical rotation right now and I felt the same way just last week. My CI was treating a patient and I thought to myself, do I really want to do this the rest of my life? It seems so mundane, if its short stretch it, if its weak strengthen it. There was no interest in knowing why dysfunction is happening. I was told I'd drive myself crazy trying to figure out the why. It didn't seem like real science. Is this gonna be my life, stretching this and strengthening that and never knowing why other than its short or weak. I thought about abandoning my quest to be a PT.
James Anderson's presentation of Myokinematic Restoration was just what I needed. My faith in physical therapy is restored. PRI is engrossed in knowing the why. This course was one of the most interesting and educational experiences of my life and I am forever thankful I had the opportunity to attend. I can't wait to take my next course, Postural Respiration, in February. This non-traditional way of treating patients is going to set me apart from my classmates and up for success in the future."
-Jed Mazion SPT

Posted October 8, 2015 at 3:02PM
Categories: Courses


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