Julie's Story

Ron Hruska recently received the following email from a PRI trained therapist:

When I told Julie I had been to another of your courses, she asked if I had thanked you for fixing her headaches and jaw pain!  I admitted that I had not, so now I will.
Here is how you fixed Julie without ever meeting her:
You created Postural Restoration.
You taught PRI to Karen Jiran.
I took the Myokinematic Restoration Course at the APTA conference 2005 and learned about PRI.
Julie moved back to Minnesota from Seattle. 
We scheduled Julie an appointment to see Karen in Woodbury to evaluate her headaches and jaw pain.
Julie did her PRI exercises.
Gradually she had far fewer problems with her jaw and fewer headaches.  She could sleep better and had more energy. 
Julie got a job and bought her first car.
Julie now shares an apartment with her pug, Pagoda.  She does her exercises when she needs to.  She sews quilts for her creative therapy.
So Julie would like to thank you for fixing her!
Thank you from the whole family.

Posted December 31, 2008 at 5:10PM
Categories: Clinicians


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