Pec Minor vs. Pec Major

With all the people studying for certification this year, we have been getting some great questions!  Yesterday, I received this question:  “What is PRI’s stance on pec minor vs. pec major”.  When discussing the pec minor vs. pec major you have to consider the right pec minor vs. the left pec major.  The pec minor on the right side in a right BC pattern acts as an internal rotator with the right latissimus.  The right pec minor pulls your shoulder forward and compresses your right chest wall decreasing the abilitly to get right apical expansion.  When performing a right subclavious technique, you are also trying to inhibit the right pec minor.  Once you have restored right humeral glenoid internal rotation, you then retrain the right subscapularis to perform right internal rotation without compensation from the right pec minor and right latissimus.  In a right BC pattern, because of the orientation of the spine, the left pec major becomes tight, pulling the sternum and the shoulder girdle together.  On the left, you are working to inhibit the pec major by performing a left pectoralis stretch.  What a great question!

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