Seattle, WA PRI Integration for the Home - Course in Review

PRI Integration for the Home (Seattle Wash). Thank you Betsy Baker-Bold, PT, PRC and Olympic Physical Therapy for hosting another great course in the Pacific Northwest. We had a great weekend outlining testing and treatments for the patient who doesn't get out to the gym, but who spends the majority of their time at home in their recliner. 

Physical therapists and occupational therapists alike who work with geriatrics and chronic pain patients in a wide variety of settings were in attendance. In fact, there were a number of clinicians present who don't do home health at all, but wanted to glean as many ideas as they could for patients who do not tolerate traditional PRI positions and activities. It was refreshing for them to be able to test for movement and gait sequence in real-life positions like a kitchen chair, and even a recliner. 

We concluded that the Supine Hooklying ZOA with Alternating Trunk Rotation exercise was a powerful integrated activity that has application in many other settings beyond just home health. The Supported Left Stance in Left AFIR from the Left AIC Pattern exercise was also identified as a tri-planer movement facilitator to enhance things like gait, balance, transfers and  even bed mobility. Had a great time with functional integration of the material and with identifying asymmetrical functional routines. Thanks everyone for your great ideas. 

Posted June 18, 2015 at 6:25PM
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