Missoula, MT - Postural Respiration, Course in Review

Early summer in and around Missoula and the University of Montana maybe one of the prettiest places on earth. Having grown up in Montana, I always welcome the opportunity to come back to this refreshing place. The Postural Respiration course was competing with two beautiful sunshine days and in the end the attendees were glad they stayed inside. A big thanks to Kevin Vogelzang and the relationship he has been developing with the university athletic department to help get this course scheduled. 

We had a great weekend and I enjoyed the opportunity to team up with Skip George to teach this powerful introductory course. He presented most of the material on the second day and did so with confidence and flare. I'm proud of all the work he has put in during his mentoring process with Mike Cantrell and I to become both a capable and fun instructor for the Institute. Here are a are some thoughts from Skip on the weekend, “Students were engaged, curious and energetic with questions, quips and participation as James Anderson provided one of the best ever Postural Respiration courses!”

I'm excited for the future roles Skip will play in this institute and the things we will learn together. Great job Dr. George!

Posted June 12, 2015 at 1:34PM
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