Thoughts on the Adduction Drop Test following the Boston course this past weekend

It was great to meet everybody once again in Boston this past weekend, where Jennifer Poulin delivered a powerful course. Observing future PRI practitioners in the USA and in Poland, I have come to the conclusion it is very difficult for all of us to switch to analyzing our clients from a MOTION perspective, instead of ACTION or FUNCTION. For example, when performing the Adduction Drop Test, most of us think about the best, purest FA extension followed by femoral adduction. We as clinicians should place much more emphasis on understanding what are we testing, and why this particular test is performed in certain position? Staying specific to the example above, we are assessing AIC, meaning neuro-muscular action of flexion, abduction and external rotation of lower extremity on a stabilized trunk. Through this movement, we are testing if AIC action can be alternate with reciprocal movement of extension followed by adduction of femur on the stabilized socket. We have to isolate the testing position the best way by using one's body and surface on which person is lying. Be aware of both the client and your own position in space. This will allow you to obtain the best proprioceptive feedback without using excessive physical force and undesirable increase in client's neuro-muscular tone. If applied correctly, your testing will become true and repeatable!

Posted June 11, 2015 at 7:22PM
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