Madison, WI Postural Respiration Course in Review

Kane Sivesind and the staff at CORE Health & Fitness were great hosts for a great weekend in Madison. Jeanna Viramontes - MPT, PRC joined me in presenting PRI’s flagship course, Postural Respiration. I hadn’t taught with Jeanna prior to this weekend, and she did a great job sharing her expertise and answering questions for the course attendees. Thank you for your very capable assistance. And also thank you to a Jimmy McCurry from Progressive Performance in Woodinville, Washington for taking all the extra time before and after the course to educate me further on the fitness and performance industry and to answer my questions about heart rate variability. Your insights were great.

As a group, we worked to keep our focus on two or three key themes throughout the weekend. First, it was made clear that balanced rib movement in all three planes is the key to unlocking the power of the respiration system. Second, we discussed the role the respiratory system played in unlocking the obviously powerful and always relevant nervous system. And then we discussed the mechanisms used to have the nervous system unlock movement for the musculoskeletal system. Ribs, Breathing, Brain, Movement. #TweetThat.

Posted May 1, 2015 at 4:14PM


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