PRI Featured in Men's Health

The article that originally appeared in the April issue of Men's Health is now online, you can read it here.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re an 80-year-old smoker, a 23-year-old Olympian, or a regular, fit guy-odds are the way you’re breathing right now is flooding your body with stress hormones, compromising your joints and mobility, bottlenecking your energy and undermining your performance in the gym and everyday life. Fourteen times a minute, you become a little weaker and a bit duller.

Hruska is on a mission to change that. Step one is understanding how your body is organized.”

1/ Lungs
They come as a pair, but the left Is smaller to accommodate the heart.
2/ Heart
We shift weight onto our right leg in part to counterbalance this organ.
3/ Diaphragm
It has two sides, but the right is thicker and stronger than the left.
4/ Liver
It also has two lobes, but the right is much larger (by a factor of six).

Ron Hruska was recently interviewed by Men’s Health along with Bill Hartman and Neil Rampe discussing Postural Restoration, after Trevor Thieme, Senior Editor for Men's Health attended a Postural Respiration course last year. Topics discussed include: optimal breathing and the typical respiration patterns, asymmetry, PRI in pro baseball, and common compensations that can cause neck, back and joint pain.  

The 90/90 hip lift with balloon was shown as a way to get your diaphragm in a position to work correctly, helping you to breathe appropriately and avoid chronic stress which can increase your risk of dementia by 67%, stroke by 59% and diabetes by 45%.

“You can think of neutrality of being functionally symmetrical- the ability to shift your center of gravity from one side to the other, to breathe efficiently with both lungs, and to maintain position of your true core. “Being neutral helps everything,” says All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. “When I lift, I’m stronger. When I run, I’m faster. It allows me to fully express my power and speed.”

If you haven't already, go out and grab the April 2015 Men’s Health issue and flip to page 144 to read the article, which they refer to as the "#1 Greatest Health Tip Ever!"

Posted April 24, 2015 at 3:58PM


Carolyn Weber Posted May 4, 2015 at 6:29:15PM
Hi, I read the article in Men's Health and I think it is very good except I am curious about the diagram of the ZOA. Diagram 1 shows a flattened diaphragm and rib flare and diagram 2 shows a nice dome and ZOA, yet it says that diagram 1 is optimal breathing. Was this miss printed? Thanks, Carolyn Weber, PT


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