Spring Madness...

I loved March! I have met so many new people, re-visited with people I haven't seen for years, and re-kindled passion with those that appear everywhere I turn. March started out like a lion for me. The first weekend of three in a row which 'focused' on PRI Vision at Bethesda, Maryland. I enjoyed teaching with Dr. Wise our revised Postural-Visual Integration course information and really feel that all 'eyes' were on target. We watched snow fall and periphery move us. The Point Performance team were such wonderful hosts. Thank you Erin, Joanna, Sean, Allison, Louise and Haim for being such great visionaries!

The next weekend, I traveled to my favorite Canadian city, Montreal, home of CoreXcellence. These practitioners and trainers love PRI and I loved teaching Postural Respiration with Heather Jenny. This was Heather's first opportunity to co-teach as she continues training to teach this course in the Fall, and she did a great job! It's all about the gas and these two days went by fast, because we loved talking about airflow, gas exchange and breathing in general. Don, Rich, Oz, Vito, Christopher, Ora, Leah, Jeff and Echo were awesome hosts! I have never eaten more oysters or had better food. Thank you all so much! I look forward to my next trip to your expanding company.

Chapel Hill, NC was home for me on March 14th and 15th. The staff at Advance Physical Therapy always are gracious with their time and event hosting. Susan, Lisa, Jean, Joe, and Matthew are also family to me. I really enjoyed presenting revised material on Cervical Revolution and again their input was invaluable. There were as many familiar PRI faces in the room, and it was a very humbling and emotional experience for me. Presenting this material to these guys was like coming "full circle" in my career. There was wonderful conversation as the result of having 3 dentists in the class. I would encourage any future Cervical Revolution course attendees to invite his or her local dentists, who might be interested in how occlusion can improve PRI outcomes, to also come to this particular course. The interdisciplinary interaction was awesome!

So March came in for me like a lion and is leaving me as a lamb, because I am enjoying every minute preparing for the upcoming Interdisciplinary Integration Annual Symposium that is approaching in less than 3 weeks. It will also be another highlight of my year and I encourage you to look into attending, because this year's symposium is all about our "need to succeed!" I love Spring Madness!

Posted March 30, 2015 at 8:18PM
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