Course in Review from Seattle's Myokinematic Restoration!

Seattle, Washington (Myokinematic Restoration) "What a difference 4 years can make! It was a pleasure to return to the same Olympic Physical Therapy clinic location in Seattle, Washington where Jen Poulin and I first introduced the "PRI paradigm shift" to a much more skeptical and at times hostile crowd of manual based therapists. Jen's eyes got a little bigger as she watched my firm responses and pointed return questions to a group that was clearly not "on board" with PRI to start with. She said, "James, they're not all like this are they?" I told her no and that this group would either really take to these concepts and be amazing with it, or we'll never hear from them again. Four years later, I found myself in one of the friendliest and most supportive environments I've ever taught in, with no fewer than 4 PRI credentialed clinicians in the room and 3 others that verbalized their desire to become credentialed as soon as they possibly could. It is truly a pleasure to have such a wonderful group of people up in the beautiful Northwest so supportive of everything associated with PRI Nation. Thank you Betsy Baker-Bold for always being a gracious host, Zach Hawthorne for being an excellent lab assistant and Sayuri Abe-Hiraishi for the honor of mentoring you as you finalize preparations to take Myokinematic Restoration to Japan this summer. You'll be fantastic."

Posted March 26, 2015 at 5:43PM
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