A Weekend of Renaissance, Recollection, and Revolvement

On January 24, 2015 I revealed my collective thoughts and recommendations on how to assess and manage the patient who is in a Left Side Bending or Right Torsion cranial position, with underlying Right Temporal Mandibular Cervical Cranial patterned muscle. The course attendees were so helpful in providing insight on how to make the course better in the future, were so patient with me and my supercilious tangents, and were so understanding on the difficulty I was having in delivering 35 years of integrated thoughts on dentistry, physical medicine, respiratory function, osteopathy, and neurologic behavior in only two days. However, these were the same people that have nurtured me over many years and have supported me in ways they will never truly understand. Individuals who have demonstrated passion for what they do, belief in that they can make a difference if they think differently, and courage to be unconventional, brave, and transgressive to the end; all traits of a Renaissance practitioner. I wish I could talk about each and every one of them in this message, but want to identify four who have initiated and revolutionized our industry and practice outcomes. If it was not for the insight and risk taking of Michelin Carroll in 1998, maybe 1997, I would never have been introduced to the great people of Vermont at a very tentative and somewhat tortuous time of my life, nor established a good foundation for PRI in an area where cortical and creative correspondence is at an unbelievable level. She and many others around her made Burlington Vermont my second home for many years. Friendly, family and fun come to my mind in those years. I have been there countless times since and would never be able to accurately account for all the courses and topics I talked on over the last 15 to 17 years in this great state. Michelin fueled the Institute in those early years and her sincere desire to promote these concepts, of a Midwesterner, whom she never met before, gave me the confidence and support that I will forever be grateful for. Two nights before the course I met with Holly Spence at her clinic, Cornerstone Physical Therapy, to consult with her and assess a cervical cranial patient whom she is treating. I have known Holly also for more than 15 years and her interest in Integrating Physical Therapy  with Dentistry has always intrigued and  impressed me. She is one of the nicest and most humble people you will ever meet, but most importantly she is resilient. She gets it! She gets that occlusion and cranial orthopedics patterns are directly related. I love being around her because of the manner in which she instructs, teaches and represents integration with a multi-disciplinary mind and with a positive, calm and patient delivery of, what can be, inflammable science. Holly, was invited to come to Brazil in 2013 and talk about collaborative treatment for the complex dento-facial patient using PRI concepts, good physical therapy intervention when needed and the biopsychological implications associated with a team approach. She is such a blessing and it was so awesome to have her presence in this class for so many reasons. In 2004 I met a spirited and ardent individual who along with Holly became certified in Postural Restoration in 2007. Estelle LeClair  and her family have endured the pain, frustration and hardship associated with the construction, design and manufacturing of two PRI pools. I enjoyed giving an inservice to her staff the day before this course, because I had the opportunity to once again experience the programmed directed flow of water to inhibit patterns of neuromuscular function and retrain new integrated references for upright dryland operation facilitated by gravity and the ground. Her hard work over the last 6 years, ongoing spirit of resolve and determination has created two beautiful pools, the PRIORI and PRISM PASSAGE. I still can feel the sequential flow of water provided by the Hemi – Hula Hoop and Rotation Cove stations that reduces torsion on the back, neck and hips with so many possible applications and processes. She is a pioneer and a role model for all of us and I will always feel indebted to her for her stamina and willingness to pave the way for PRI Aquatic future opportunities. On the evening of the first day of the course I had the wonderful opportunity to peruse the two PRI Course manuals that Michal Niedzielski had translated into Polish. Miokinematyczna odbudowa wzorcow zespolu ledzwiowo-miedniczno-udowego (Myokinematic Restoration An Integrated Approach To Treatment of Patterned Lumbo-Pelvic-Femoral Pathomechanics) and Poprawa funkcji knompleksu piersiowao-brzusznego (Postural Restoration An Integrated Approach to Treatment of Patterned Thoraco-Abdominal Pathomechanics) are the first two PRI courses ever translated in a language other than English. Michal, for those who know him, is full of energy and expression. I really love this man. I have met his family, have gone to Poland to understand his culture and feel that we have a special relationship because of his questioning, eagerness to learn and need to understand my “mind”. As I get older I feel honored to have him as a friend and colleague and someone who I will always respect for his undying commitment to excel and exceed regardless of language barriers, cultural differences, and beliefs surrounding postural asymmetries and disparities. He became a member of the PRC family in 2007, however, I feel he has been a family member long before that with his first attendance of a course that I taught many, many years ago. I am not sure Michal even knows how many courses he has attended since then, but I respect him so much and envision he will continue to promote and provide the direction for those who speak his language, both English and Polish. This truly was four days of Renaissance, Recollection and Revolvement, and these four people reflect what I truly believe we all strive for, Respect.

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