San Diego Postural Respiration Course In Review

San Diego California is beautiful all year long and this past weekend was no exception. Beautiful weather, cool crisp ocean air and a beautiful group of medical, rehab and fitness professionals made the weekend a grand success. A big thank you to Kahl Goldfarb, PT and the Water and Sports Physical Therapy group for being such gracious hosts. I hope we can continue to team up to bring more PRI courses to the San Diego area and keep the enthusiasm going.

And thank you to my two PRI associates, Skip George, DC, PRC and Heather Jenny, PT, MA, WCS, GCS, BCB-PMD, PRC for assisting me with the course. It was great to have you both assisting with lab instruction on the manual techniques and to have you available to answer questions throughout both days. It is a pleasure to mentor you and to be mentored by the two of you.

Respiration and thoracic rotation via integration of the rib cage, abdominals and the diaphragm was the name of the game. Matt and Kahl helped us all gain a new appreciation for the freedom of movement and the neurological inhibition available when we simply get ribs moving in the right direction. Rib internal rotation leads to neurological inhibition. Always has, always will. Thank you all, for your passion optimizing human movement and for spending a weekend with PRI talking about #body posture, #mechanical ventilation, #neurological inhibition and #movement integration


Posted February 12, 2015 at 5:50PM


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