Santa Cruz Myokinematic Restoration Course in Review

Santa Cruz) Myokinematic Restoration.  Had a fantastic weekend with a dynamic group of rehab, medical, performance and fitness professionals in the beautiful Paradigm Sport facility in Santa Cruz, California. Thank you Joey Wolfe for hosting such a great weekend and for making us all feel so welcome at Paradigm Sport. First Class all the way.

And thank you to Julie Blandin and Caleb Chiu for their work as lab assistants and clinical PRI experts, having done such a great job answering questions and guiding attendees through proper testing and exercise technique during the lab portion of the course.

As a group, we found ways to overcome the two key barriers to moving into the left hemisphere of human performance: (barrier #1) unexhaled air and (barrier #2) overactive polyarticular muscle chains. We did this with exhalation movement techniques that used the left hamstrings and left adductor and also the left abdominals (via left rib internal rotation) to help lateralize athletes to the left side. Securing left hip stability with "ligamentous muscle" then helped hold an athlete on the left side without requiring undue compensation.

The California Coast is quickly catching PRI fever and we're more than grateful to support the process. I'm already looking forward to the next trip.

This statue showed up after a great dinner at Hula's Island Grill. He made himself known after Julie, and Maureen and I discussed PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement all evening. We thought seeing this statue was a message from the universe that reminded us that single leg performance on the left leg was a big deal. Haha. 

Posted January 29, 2015 at 2:55PM


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