Poland Course in Review

In November I have made another trip to Poland to teach Myokinematic  Restoration as well to introduce Postural Respiration for first time in Europe, all together almost 70 professionals came. Because of enormity of material which respiratory course includes, I have decided to extend it to 3 days.  I also made myself available for two extra online sessions to all who attended, so they do not feel "left out". All courses were taught in Polish which helped everybody to understand essence of PRI philosophy as related to mykokin and respiration.  I have chosen my home town Opole, in Southern Poland as place of gathering. My audience however was from all different parts of the country. Consisting of physical therapists as well MD's and strength and conditioning individuals.

While in Poland, I was invited to lecture at the professional meeting in small picturques town named Wisła. There, I met about 70 therapists, where I introduced four basic concepts of PRI pertinent to asymmetry, position, muscular chains and function of diaphragm on human function.

I found all attendees very eager to learn - lots of questions, and our philosophy of evaluating and treating patient was very well received and immediately embraced. I think they are "hooked" on PRI! ;)

Posted January 9, 2015 at 3:50PM


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