Clearwater, FL PRI Integration for Baseball Course in Review

Clearwater Florida (PRI Integration for Baseball). A wonderful weekend in the Sunshine State talking all things baseball. A big thank you to James Ready and Chris Mudd of the Philadelphia Phillies organization for being such gracious hosts in a great facility. In addition to the room full of world class baseball training professionals, Allen and I were blessed to have both Jennifer and Chris Poulin in attendance to help lab assist. They were great additions to both the baseball assessment test lab and the baseball integrative treatment lab.

Allen Gruver did an excellent job once again breaking down each phase of throwing and the potential pathomechanics for both a right and left handed player in the presence of the Left AIC/Right BC Pattern. The same detail was applied to phases of hitting and his demonstration and instruction for each phase was complemented by slow motion video clips that really gave the attendees a nice visual learning experience. I expanded on Allen's work by discussing three different patterns of potential rib cage compensation for the overarm rotational athlete in the presence of the Left AIC Pattern. We concluded the course by outlining specific testing parameters and treatment recommendations for each of these three presentations and then provided training recommendations for the right and left handed stride through cocking phase and the right and left handed acceleration through deceleration and follow through.

After our two day course, there was a lot of excitement for the third day, called PRI Vision Integration for the Baseball Player. Thank you Heidi Wise and Ron Hruska for coming to Florida and allowing our material to complement the great work you are doing with PRI Vision. The feedback on the third day has been fantastic, noting that the PRI Visual Concepts in Baseball, the PRI Vision Integration Performance Tests and the PRI Vision Integration Techniques were easy to understand and powerful to use. Thanks Heidi for coming home to Florida and doing what you do best.

Posted December 3, 2014 at 3:51PM


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