Salem, OR - Impingement & Instability Course in Review

I enjoyed a great weekend enhancing performance through the integration of neurologic reference centers in Salem, OR. We looked at the wonderful human system of asymmetrical systems and worked to help lateralize all things toward the left. I also met two wild and crazy Australians, Craig Ambler (the good looking red head) and Mark Barclay (the more mature looking one) all the way from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Mark, Craig told me to say both of those things. These guys rented a bright yellow muscle car they could barely control and then struggled to drive on the left side of the car while they negotiated the car down the right side of the road. "How is it that you Americans get away with driving on the wrong side of the road?" "How is it that you Australians get away with driving on the wrong side of the car?" Two Aussies from the rural Outback trying to drive an American Muscle Car on the wrong side of the road. Can you imagine? We thought it fitting that our group picture was taken with these two Aussies who were having a hard time sitting in the left half of a muscle car they could barely control (sounds very Impingement & Instability to me). And Jen Poulin, PT, PRC, I know this story isn't exactly the proverbial "Yellow VW Bug" story you tell so well, but I thought it was great that the muscle car was yellow. And a big thank you to my good friends Raulan Young, MPT, PRC and Tara Osborne, DPT, PRC for coming all the way from Idaho to spend a weekend with PRI Neurology. It was good to have both of you there. And by the way, Craig and Mark, I think we're the ones driving on the wrong side of the road!

Posted November 13, 2014 at 8:01PM
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