PRI Integration for the Home - Greensboro, NC Review

What a great weekend in one of my favorite states, North Carolina teaching the PRI Integration for the Home course! I can't decide if it was the beautiful fall weather or just the beautiful people and that Carolina hospitality that make coming to this area so special. Thank you Craig Kerbo for all your tireless efforts making this course happen and for being such a gracious host. And thank you to my good friend and PRI faculty member, Jen Poulin, PT, PRC for joining me as the lab assistant. We were blessed with a great mix of brand new clinicians and also PRI experienced therapists, including 4 PRC's! The focus was on breathing and alternating reciprocal gait, with special attention given to inhibiting the Left AIC to maximize left stance time and to improve balance to decrease risk of falling. Saturday evening several of us enjoyed a nice evening in downtown Greensboro and were happy to find the statue of General Nathan Greene, because he is likewise focused on maintaining Left AIC inhibition longer in late left stance to optimize his gait.

Posted October 29, 2014 at 6:27PM
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