PRI Integration for the Home Course in Review - Salem, OR

It was fantastic to be back in Salem for another great PRI Integration for the Home seminar with the awesome staff from First Call Home Health. Thank you Jacob Mullin for hosting another fantastic course experience and once again, thank you for the yummy FroYo. I can't get enough of that stuff. You always treat me so well. I was honored to teach the affiliate information to your staff, but was equally blessed to have learned so much myself from their insights because so many of the group have extensive experience with PRI and with the Home Integration material. Mellet, I was especially impressed with your commitment to mediastinal expansion to obtain and then maintain a Zone of Apposition with each of your patients. Your commitment to sagittal plane integration early in all of your patient programs taught us all which plane holds the key to frontal and transverse success with PRI. Thanks for treating these geriatric home health patients like the athletes they really are. #PRIHomeIntegration #EveryAthleteGrowsOld. 

Posted October 16, 2014 at 10:02PM
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