Course in Review - Palo Alto, CA

I had a wonderful weekend on the beautiful campus of Stanford University discussing all things PRI. Thank you Steven DiLustro for you persistence in working to put this course together. Thank you Brandon Marcello for your willingness to have us train the fantastic folks on your staff and for giving us all such a great experience. And thank you to my new friends from The Golden State Warriors and Cal State Northridge, who I look forward to working more with in the future. You guys were fantastic!

It was a pleasure to have both a PRC and a PRT as my clinical support and lab assistants. Thank you Julie Blandin, PRC and Caleb Chiu, PRT for your professionalism and willingness to help others learn concepts and answer questions. You two teamed up to help give all attendees a great learning experience.

And lastly, I need to thank the one and only Juan Pablo from the Stanford Men's Basketball Strength staff. I so appreciate all the extra time you took to be a personal tour guide for us while we toured all parts of the beautiful Stanford campus. You went above and beyond my expectations as a host and really made me feel like a welcome addition to your campus and facilities. Thanks again for all the time and attention you gave to help make our experience at Stanford the best!

James Anderson, MPT, PRC

Posted July 8, 2014 at 4:42PM


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