Course in Review - Boston, MA

I had a fantastic time at Northeastern University in Boston with a super group of 50 people who were very hungry for Postural Respiration, Neurology and Biomechanics! Thank you Art for hosting what turned out to be a great PRI Collaborative weekend! And thank you to Chris Poulin, Donna Behr and Michael Niedzielski for teaming up with me to support the effort as capable lab assistants and resident experts of PRI. 

We outlined the three dimensional nature of diaphragm dysfunction and the three planes of restorative diaphragm motion needed to fully realize left Zone of Apposition with the analogy of a right dominant Manta Ray. When teaching complex topics, I've found that analogies either really help or tend to really confuse. In this case, the group really latched on to the  three dimensional aspects of diaphragm function to help both the left hemi-diaphragm function more as a respiratory muscle and to help the right hemi-diaphragm function more as a postural stabilizer of the asymmetrical human thorax. #moveyourmantaray. We also described the diaphragm's role as the premier tri-planer performance muscle in the human body, with the capacity to unlock available movement in all three planes. #boom! #unleashthebeast!

Thank you to everyone in attendance for coming together to make this weekend great, but a special thank you to Jaakko who traveled all the way from Finland and to Jack who traveled all the way from Australia! Thanks for your passion and your support!

Posted June 25, 2014 at 5:00PM
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