CCMR Supportive Literature

For those therapists doing cranial work, you’ll want to read these latest articles supporting ourCCMR course.

Orthodontics in a Quantum World I: The Rationale for a New Approach by Gavin James, MDS, FDS, D. Orth. Abstract: Advances in physics and cell biology are changing how science views studies about the body. The first part of this article is an overview of these advanced. The second part is a working hypothesis as to how these changes could affect orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. An example is given of how this thinking might apply. To access the entire article please contact us!

Orthodontics in a Quantum World II: Cranial Movement and Parafunction by Gavin James, MDS, FDS, D. Orth. Abstract:Maintenance of brain vitality is the most important function of the body. Several oral behaviors are involved in this process. Typical facial characteristics and intra-oral change can result from this. Symptomatically, the response can resemble a temporomandibular joint disorder. An integrative systems approach gives a basis for understanding and treating the condition. To access the entire article please contact us!

Posted July 16, 2008 at 4:50PM
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