PRI Integration for the Home - Lincoln, NE....Early Registration Deadline Extended!

I have extended the early registartion deadline for the June 7-8th PRI Integration for the Home course in Lincoln, NE until this Friday, May 19th! Don't miss the opportunity to take this new PRI Affiliate Course, which is summarized here by course developer and speaker James Anderson:

"The new PRI Integration for the Home course has been a wonderful resource for many populations, beyond just the geriatric patient in the home setting, including:  

  • geriatric patients in the hospital setting
  • geriatric patients in the outpatient setting
  • geriatric and other patients in a SNF setting
  • chronic and excessively painful patients with poor tolerance to traditional or other exercises

The course attendees have really benefited from the simplicity and integrated nature of these new exercises, allowing them successful and tolerable options to help them meet PRI treatment objectives. 

Loving the universal application to so many different patient groups. I look forward to teaching this class in Lincoln next month! There is still space available, so if you are interested in attending, you can call or register online!"

Posted May 12, 2014 at 8:44PM
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