Weekend in Review - From Coast to Coast!

Salem, OR (Postural Respiration) - "I enjoyed reconnecting with all my old friends in and around Salem, Oregon during this past weekend’s course. Thank you Jacob Mullin for hosting another fantastic course and for building such a fantastic group of people around you who are such a joy to work with. We had a large class of attendees, but it still seemed very comfortable and well supported, in large part to my great lab assistants, Emily Soiney, PRC and Zach Hawthorne, PRC. Thanks guys for helping to provide such a good experience for all the Salem course attendees. I thought it went great! Loved all the good discussion about the respiratory diaphragm and the importance of rib movement for ideal human movement and performance. “Ribs that move the way they should for proper respiration will be ribs that support proper movement patterns beyond respiration”. Emily, tweet that for me! #ribsthatmove #gratefulforPRI" - James Anderson 

I also had the chance to eat some ribs with another rib loving PRC, Minh Nguyen!

Chapel Hill, NC (Impingement & Instability) - "Chapel Hill, North Carolina has a magical place called Advance Physical Therapy.  I got to visit with a group of superstars there as I spoke about Impingement and Instability.  We pulled together multiple kinetic chains in an integrative way so that we all came to the understanding that humans "LOVE" to impinge and as a team of experts we can destabilize to re-stabilize and relieve that painful "love"!   New stability with awareness of NEW Reference Centers won the day. " I learned more than they did" says this humble speaker." - Mike Cantrell

Posted May 8, 2014 at 3:21PM
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