PRI & Elon University Make History

Together, Ron Hruska and James Anderson presented Myokinematic Restoration – An Integrated Approach to Treatment of Lumbo-Pelvic-Femoral Pathomechanics in Elon, North Carolina on March 12th and 13th. This course was a result of the collaboration between PRI and Elon University’s Department of Physical Therapy Education. Forty-three participants: DPT students, faculty and area clinicians from North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia, represented a wide range of clinical backgrounds and experience. The academic setting and diversity of attendees made for dynamic interaction. In addition to the weekend course, Ron was honored to accept an invitation to present an overview of PRI concepts, focusing on scoliosis, to Elon’s charter DPT class on Monday, March 14th. PRI is as dedicated as ever to the importance of student education and awareness of postural restoration concepts at every level of professional learning and excited about the support and enthusiasm that exists at Elon University today!

Posted March 22, 2005 at 3:22PM
Categories: Courses


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