Meeting of the Minds: The Hruska Clinic and Lincoln TMJ Therapy

Last week, the staff of The Hruska Clinic and Dr. Michael Hoefs joined together to discuss treatment of TMD. Although PRI is an effective treatment to TMD, there are occasions when a referral to a dentist is appropriate and necessary, as outlined in Advanced Integration and Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration . During an initial evaluation, Dr. Hoefs uses several objective measurements to properly assess his patients. Range of motion (ROM) is the first objective test used to guide him in his plan of care; based on the following:

  1. Full ROM (>48 mm) with a noticeable click – Easiest to diagnose and treat.
  2. 42 – 46 mm ROM with >12 mm of lateral opening – Probably a muscular restriction with a reducing disc. Patient will need supportive therapy.
  3. 35 – 42 mm ROM with <10 mm of lateral opening – These symptoms would reflect a chronic closed lock position with most ligaments being stretched out.
  4. < 35 mm ROM – Patient is more than likely in an acute closed locked, but not always. Can be myospasms!

To learn more about Dr. Michael Hoefs please visit Lincoln TMJ Therapy. If you’d like more information on PRI and TMD integration with dentists and orthodontists like Dr. Hoefs who respect the need for proper mandibular condyle and temporal fossa position, please contact us!

Posted June 19, 2008 at 10:49PM
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