3rd Edition CD-ROM is Now Available

The 3rd edition of PRI Non-Manual Techniques is now available on CD-ROM! This new CD includes the following PRI programs:

  • Right Low Trap & Right Tricep
  • Left Low Trap & Left Serratus Anterior
  • Right Serratus Anterior
  • Right Subscapularis
  • Inhibition & Stretching
  • Left Squat
  • Right Squat

Each program is organized by position, specific muscle, and specific sequence of possible progressive application. This information compliments PRI course instruction, desired PRI clinical application and progression, and desired PRI patient education and instruction. A master index of each program illustrates this progression through a numbering system. It is our intention to provide the clinician with an effective and efficient tool for specific patient clinical and home PRI programs. Each technique is patient-ready with detailed written instruction and digital photos. CD’s are Windows compatible.

Posted June 21, 2007 at 9:28PM
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