PEC Footwear Considerations - Follow Up

We received these QUESTIONS regarding the video and shoe recommendation for PEC:

Are you trying to pronate the feet?
How does this affect the extension tone?

ANSWER: When someone is in a PEC position their pelvis is forward, hips are in ER, and they are in a supinated position. The video was used to demonstrate that by allowing the patient to get in a more pronated position it assisted her to inhibit extensor tone and shift in her hips to be neutral.  Remember we don’t want our patients to be supinated or pronated…we want them to be somewhere in the middle during mid-stance phase of gait.  In the video, the patient was in a supinated position with the Asics Foundation due to weak glutes.  Allowing her to pronate more with a less supportive shoe allowed her to stay neutral in her pelvis.  She still needs glute work. Some PEC patients can overly pronate and have laxity with their feet too. - Lori Thomsen

Posted June 11, 2010 at 6:42PM


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