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Last week, Ron Hruska and Oliver Hall treated a patient using Skype.  Here is what Oliver had to say about it:

The consult was awesome. This is a girl that I have been looking at for a while, seeing what she can do in my confined clinical environment and trying to correct the imbalances that I saw and found. The way that Ron was able to look and think beyond the clinical environment, find out about 3 concussions and explain things to Jenn in such functional terms as “you need to feel like you are walking or riding up hill” – which ultimately lead to Jenn saying, “actually my horse is built downhill and I started riding her shortly before my hips started to hurt” was incredible to watch and listen to. All of the pieces were made to fit together. My wording of “you need to be able to flex more or turn on your abs more so that you can squat”, did not give her the same functional understanding of the problem so we never put the pieces together. Also the way that Ron narrowed things down: can she shift in stance, can she shift to the left with either eye closed, does she have frontal plane control, does she lose frontal plane control with her left SCM on, can she feel prisms shift her weight forward or back, how does her seated FA ER strength change between sitting normally versus sitting in a flexed position while trying to find her abs really added a whole new dimension and method of application to the basic PRI tests that I am so familiar with.

Posted May 3, 2010 at 6:25PM


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