Comments following the Interdisciplinary Integration Course

“I just wanted to send a thank you for the dedication and “vision” that your organization represents.  It is rare to encounter a group of therapists as knowledgeable and as dedicated as the PRI group is and every time I have attended a course I have left feeling “inadequate” which motivates me to become a better therapist… this is clearly a good thing, not a negative.
I also want to say that the last 40 minutes on the last day was the most engaging of all of the teaching and dialogue and it is his passion and perspective that pulls it all together. 
I didn’t have the chance to put this on the feedback form as I was ready to hit the road for the late drive home, but I hope in the future Ron will consider scheduling an hour each day of Interdisciplinary Integration for his perspective and “PRI considerations” to ‘bring it home’ as he did with the rest integration day.  Thanks again for vast time and effort that represents PRI.” - Matt Erb, PT

“To begin, thanks for hosting these amazing courses.  It really is truly inspiring to hear these speakers, and between you and me it is also very inspiring to hear Ron’s take on these subjects.  I have felt from my first week as a PT that our field was missing so many things when I saw a colleague having an older woman toe tap cones to “improve” balance (all she learned was how to tap a cone, not how to dynamically and functionally move through gravity).” - Josh Olinick, DPT

“I would highly recommend this course to all physical therapists (pediatric, neuro, orthopedic, chronic pain, sports and other relevant health practitioners) because gaining an appreciation for the value and the incredible need for podiatrists, neuro-optometrists, dentists, sleep specialists and physical therapists to work together will improve patient care and change practice paradigms.” - Kyndy Boyle, MSPT, OCS, PRC

Posted April 26, 2010 at 4:43PM


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