Vision Vestibular Integration - April 16th

We are excited for Dr. Edward’s upcoming presentation on Day 3 of our Interdisciplinary Integration course. Here is what you can expect…

Day Three - Vision Vestibular Integration
8-9 Do you see what I see?
              Pointers and banters from each professional point of view.
9-10 The Rock Star and the Back Up Band
              A rather nontechnical, but memorable introduction to the Ambient Visual System.
10-10:15 Break
10-11 Can you stand on your own? Or do you have a visual midline shift?
              An introduction to screening patients quickly and effectively for visual-perceptual problems that are preventing effective PRI treatment.
              Supervised, small group, breakout sessions will be integrated with demonstrations of various techniques for measuring visual midline shifts.
              An opportunity to thoroughly experience normal and abnormal posturing of the visual midline.
11-12 Spend Another $6 for Equipment and Have Some of the Most Memorable Therapy Sessions Of Your Life
              Further screening techniques for visual perceptual problems.
              Techniques for on-the-spot trials for amending the response of the visual system.
              Gauging the changes in PRI response and body posturing response.
12-1 Lunch (on your own)
1 – 1:30 Waking the Sleeping Giant
              Visual-perceptual neglect is more common than you think. Learn how visual-spacial neglect impacts patients with traumatic histories.
              Easy screening techniques for neglect.
1:30-2:30 Visual Fields - Can we accept what has been taught for a hundred years?
              Screening tests for the determination of visual field loss.
              Techniques for the rehabilitation of field loss in patients with stroke, TBI, brain hemorrhages, and neurotoxicity.
              Strategies for determining which fields are more receptive to rehabilitation.
              Application of acute care techniques to patients with long term field loss.
2:30-3 Okay, my patient needs an optometrist. What do I do now?             
              Resources for finding an optometrist.
              Key questions to ask when looking for the right optometrist.
              Examples of optometric referral.
3-3:15 Break
3:15-5 Have you ever seen this?             
              Case presentation of patients who have been rehabilitated with PRI and optometric referrals.

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