A Day in the Life of a PRC Therapist

by Jen Poulin, PT, PRC

Today I received a call from a college student who lives in New Hampshire.  He was referred to me for consultation from a therapist in Omaha, NE who had treated this young man with PRI techniques while he was living in Nebraska.  The student currently goes to school at Wash U in St. Louis.  His parents moved to New Hampshire and he was home visiting his parents over spring break.  It was closer for him to drive to Vermont for treatment than wait until he returned to school and fly to Nebraska to seek PRI treatment.  I called his original therapist who now lives in Oregon to get some history on this young man’s hip problems prior to his appointment.  We collaborated on his case and had established continuity in his plan of care.  He was seen at Poulin Performance and I discovered his hip imbalances had reemerged.  I educated him on how to realign his hip and sent him back home to New Hampshire.  He will continue working with his therapist in Nebraska when he returns to school and now has made a connection via the PRI network in Vermont.  This is the strength of the PRI network and obtaining certification in postural restoration concepts.  I am seeing more and more patients from surrounding areas that do not think twice about driving to Vermont to seek care when other remedies have failed.  This young man felt comfortable driving the distance because of my certification and collaboration with a fellow PRC. 

Posted March 11, 2010 at 5:14PM


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