For the first time…

Preparations for the upcoming Interdisciplinary Integration course are well underway. I interrupted Ron’s busy day to get his thoughts on how it’s going and what he is most excited about…

Foot Integration – Wednesday April 14th
It’s the first time that three health professionals with different backgrounds and perspectives will come together to discuss myokinematics of the active human foot; its pattern, perception and position.
For the first time we’ll look at…
1. right foot qualities and personality vs. left foot qualities and personality
2. ascending and descending issues – largely the result of the post course evaluations from last year and Bobbie’s input
3. muscle families reflective of Left AIC, Right BC, and R TMCC disposition
4. when you absolutely have to consider orthotics and when you don’t

Dental Integration – Thursday April 15th
It’s the first time a dentist will cover clinical concepts specifically designed for PRI therapists and aligned dentists! Click here to read how this year is different!

Vision-Vestibular-Integration – Friday April 16th
It’s the first time a speaker with years of experience working with PRI trained therapist will take PRI concepts to another level of vision!
I’m really excited after reviewing Dr. Edwards’ outline! This topic excites me more every year as we continue to build concepts of this perceptual issue and the influences of the eye on the neck. Click here to read the revised and soon to be printed outline that will offer attendees a FUN learning experience! It is sure to be a day we will reflect back on in the future.

Rest Integration – Saturday April 17th
It’s the first time we’ve had the opportunity to integrate activity with sleep and rest from a team who understands present and future treatment of the fatigued body using PRI integration!
Springtime brings warmth and new life and for us it also brings a unique opportunity for collaboration with other disciplines exploring PRI integration. For the first time a neuropsychiatrist and PRI trained physical therapist from St. Louis will teach a subject that is routinely discussed by PRC therapists across the country dealing with the need for rest, deceleration, system revival and rest-oration. I’m quite certain this St. Louis team will bring an influential perspective using manual and non-manual techniques and another level of how to relax the system.

There is still time to register! Mention this blog post to receive the early registration rate!

Posted March 31, 2010 at 3:36PM


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