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As the Interdisciplinary Integration course approaches, we want to provide some timely input and updates.  Our speakers are excited about this event and are working on each of their presentations.  If you attended the course last year, you’ll see that the agenda has been changed for 2010 so that April 14th is unique in this way…

Ron will start the morning with an update on the influences on gait and foot mechanics from Left AIC, Right BC and Right TMCC patterns. Curt Johnson will then review anatomical and myokinematics of the foot followed by an introduction to the Left AIC patterned foot. In addition to pelvis influences on the Left AIC foot and vice versa, skeletal and muscular characterstics of each foot will be discussed in three independent planes during midstance, push off and heel strike phases of the Left AIC gait pattern. Dr. Paul Coffin will provide an update on biomechanical influences on gait and the lumbar-pelvic-femoral-tibial complex from the ground up. New this year is also a panel discussion for 2 hours after lunch.  The panel discussion will focus on the following:

1. What leg, ankle and foot issues can be treated successfully using only PRI non-manual techniques?
2. When can you successfully treat leg, ankle and foot issues using clinical materials such as scaphoid pads, heel wedges, shoe inserts, metatarsal pads, etc?
3. When are orthotics indicated and necessary to successfully treat leg, ankle and foot issues?
This panel will offer their individual treatment perspectives, theories and recommendations regarding some of the more common leg, ankle and foot patterned disorders and dysfunction.

Following the panel discussion, case studies and video analysis will take place. To end the day, Lori Thomsen will share her passion for shoe selection. She will discuss what to look for, consider and compare when choosing a shoe for PRI function. You won’t want to miss this day!

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