...written by Craig Liebenson is the latest book being passed around PRI.  This book is a compilation of interdisciplinary treatment approaches to improve clinical outcomes.  With our first annual Interdisciplinary Integration course soon approaching, this book couldn’t have fallen into our hands at a more appropriate time!  Also, we were delighted to find that in Chapter 17 of this book, Rehabilitation of Breathing Pattern Disorders, Ron Hruska was referenced.  In addition to Hruska being referenced, many other familiar references were used to complete this book…Hodges, Chaitow, Janda, De Troyer, Travell, etc…

There are several websites that sell this book, we feel it is definitely worth having around!  You can preview some of the pages from this book by clicking here!

Posted February 4, 2009 at 6:17PM
Categories: Books
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