This week’s featured speaker for our 5th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium is John Cook. Cook is entering his 13th season as the head volleyball coach at the University of Nebraska –Lincoln. Prior to becoming the head coach at Nebraska, he was the head coach at the University of Wisconsin. Cook also has Olympic and championship experience in his coaching resume. During his tenure at Nebraska, I have had the opportunity to work with John and his team as the Biomechanical Consultant for the University of Nebraska Volleyball team.

“What goes on behind any successful athletic program is leadership. For the last 13 years, I have had the good fortune to work with John Cook, his coaches, support staff, and the team of individuals that have made the volleyball athletes he develops well-rounded, disciplined and ‘complete’. John’s passion for interconnectivity will ‘fire up’ the course attendees on the morning of the second day. Get your seat early!”

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Mike Cantrell was the only speaker on the road this past weekend, teaching Postural Respiration in Richmond, VA. Speaker Jennifer Poulin will head back to Richmond this year June 8-9 to teach Pelvis Restoration!

“Richmond was excited to receive Postural Respiration and the group on the whole was fully engaged with lots of questions throughout the weekend!” - Mike Cantrell

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This week’s Interdisciplinary Integration featured speaker is Dr. Kris Berg. Dr. Berg is a Health, Physical Education & Recreation professor at the University of Nebraska - Omaha. His teaching interests include exercise in chronic illness and exercise in special populations. Dr. Berg will be presenting on day two of the symposium on asthma and exercise-induced asthma.

“The athletes’ ability to perform really depends on bronchial performance. What really is exercise-induced asthma? How does exercise induce bronchial constriction? Who really has it? And what considerations should be made when working with this athletic phenomenon? I can’t think of a more highly qualified person to answer these questions, other than Dr. Kris Berg. Should be an enlightening presentation for anyone who uses PRI principles in maximizing functional performance.” - Ron Hruska

Click here to view the full two-day agenda!

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Despite some travel delays due to the crazy weather across the country this past week, we had a great weekend of courses!

Myokinematic Restoration (Portland, OR) - “Enjoyed a great course in Portland with a nice mix of athletic trainers, strength and conditioning professionals, massage therapists, personal fitness professionals, yoga instructors and physical therapists.  A big thanks to Jimmy Southard of the Seattle Mariners for encouraging such a large group from his organization and to the girls in the back row who made such a great contribution to the course, even though they were initially intimidated by their lack of degrees and certifications.  Your interest and passion in learning was felt and appreciated by us all.” - James Anderson

Pelvis Restoration (Loveland, CO) - “I was amazed this past weekend of the course participants and their enthusiasm to learn and integrate PRI in their practices.  The host site, Rebound Physical Therapy, hosted their 7th PRI course this past weekend!!!! When I asked the participants and read their reviews, I feel three things stood out for them this past weekend:  1) Frontal plane integration of the pelvis inlet and outlet with patient function.  2) Improved understanding of inhibition in PRI and 3) Utilizing PRI tests to assist them with making improved clinic decisions for home programs for their patients. Very blessed to have assisted them this past weekend in their PRI learning! - Lori Thomsen

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This week’s Interdisciplinary Integration featured speaker is Eric Cressey, CSCS. Eric is president and co-founder of Cressey Performance, a facility located just west of Boston, MA.  A highly sought-after coach for healthy and injured athletes alike, Eric has helped athletes at all levels - from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks - achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of sports.  Behind Eric’s expertise, Cressey Performance has rapidly established itself as a go-to high performance facility among Boston athletes - and those that come from across the country and abroad to experience Cressey Performance’s cutting-edge methods.  Eric is perhaps best known for his extensive work with baseball players, with more than 80 professional players traveling to Massachusetts to train with him each off-season.

“We are very excited to have Eric attending and presenting at this year’s Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium! It’s obvious to us that Eric has earned a lot of respect in his profession, and I think it is in part to his respect for the “whole” athlete. Eric’s experience with athletes of all levels and his commitment to continuing education in biomechanics of the athlete (including Postural Restoration) will enhance his presentation, Long Term Management of the Overhead Athlete.” - Ron Hruska
Eric will be presenting on day two of our symposium.

To register for the Interdisciplinary Integration course, CLICK HERE!

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“This course was a good course from a standpoint that there were beginners, intermediates and veterans of PRI in the room - which is a blessing for everyone in attendance, including the speaker! The attendees in the room who were still trying to put the “pieces” together really helped strengthen the Guidelines for Right BC Treatment document. These suggestions and recommendations have been recognized and will benefit all future course attendees. Thank you Sioux Falls for a great weekend!”

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Mike Arthur, CSCS is the keynote speaker and will lead off day one of the Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium on April 11th, 2013! Mike is in his 36th year with the Nebraska Athletic Department, and in January 2008, he was promoted to Director of Strength and Conditioning for the athletic department. Ron has known Mike for over 15 years.

“I am very excited to have Mike as the keynote speaker for our 2013 symposium! During the years of working with Mike, I have observed some strong characteristics - Mike is consistent and a predictable thinker. He is one of the nicest guys I know and is respectful of everyone’s suggestions and approaches. I admire his open-mindedness in implementing strength and conditioning concepts. Mike is very analytical and his analytical mind makes him evidence-based and therefore he gravitates towards programs based on strong scientific backgrounds. Mike will offer a personal perspective, based on his 36 years of experience in the field and his success with integrating PRI into his program. His strong belief of safe strength training with an emphasis on injury prevention is why Mike is our 2013 keynote speaker. ” -Ron Hruska

To register for the Interdisciplinary Integration course, CLICK HERE!

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Our 5th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium held in Lincoln on April 11-12th, will bring together eight highly regarded professionals to share their expertise on the subject of athletic performance!

Beginning this Thursday, I will be publishing a weekly featured story for each speaker and their presentation topic for the symposium.
The symposium is filling up quickly, and is already over half full! If you are interested in attending, please be sure to register soon to guarantee a spot!

CLICK HERE to view the full two-day agenda!

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This past weekend was the busiest weekend of PRI courses all year! Here is a synopsis from each of the faculty for the four courses:

St. Louis, MO (Postural Respiration) - Mike Cantrell wrote:
“In St. Louis I taught respiration
To clinicians from all over the nation
They all seemed to get it
On that you can bet it
Cuz they were smiling as they left for their stations.”

Rapid City, SD (Pelvis Restoration): “We had a powerful weekend discussing how inlet position gives the outlet power and how your PRI tests guide your treatment approach!” - Lori Thomsen

Phoenix, AZ (Myokinematic Restoration): “The Phoenix Myokinematic Restoration course was fantastic! Besides the 70 degree weather, we had a great mix of therapists, athletic trainers and strength coaches enthusiastic about the science. The growing interest among MLB professionals is more and more evident! - James Anderson

Alexandria, LA (Postural Respiration) - Ron Hruska taught a private course for friend he has known for over 25 years. “I had the most rewarding and refreshing weekend….to teach and demonstrate PRI to doctors of general medicine, pain medicine, physiatry, orthopedics and surgery, physical therapists, a physician assistant, and pre-PT and medical school students. Louisiana hospitality at its best! Thanks Oday!

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Our 2012 brochures were mailed on December 19th. If you did not receive a brochure by mail, please email us with your updated contact information. You can also CLICK HERE and HERE to view an electronic version. Be advised that our 2012 brochure is 30 pages so fill up your ink supply before printing! Or save the ink and print our 2-page calendar.

Please note that the information provided on page 25 of the brochure concerning PRT is subject to update.

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