This past weekend was the busiest weekend of PRI courses all year! Here is a synopsis from each of the faculty for the four courses:

St. Louis, MO (Postural Respiration) - Mike Cantrell wrote:
“In St. Louis I taught respiration
To clinicians from all over the nation
They all seemed to get it
On that you can bet it
Cuz they were smiling as they left for their stations.”

Rapid City, SD (Pelvis Restoration): “We had a powerful weekend discussing how inlet position gives the outlet power and how your PRI tests guide your treatment approach!” - Lori Thomsen

Phoenix, AZ (Myokinematic Restoration): “The Phoenix Myokinematic Restoration course was fantastic! Besides the 70 degree weather, we had a great mix of therapists, athletic trainers and strength coaches enthusiastic about the science. The growing interest among MLB professionals is more and more evident! - James Anderson

Alexandria, LA (Postural Respiration) - Ron Hruska taught a private course for friend he has known for over 25 years. “I had the most rewarding and refreshing weekend….to teach and demonstrate PRI to doctors of general medicine, pain medicine, physiatry, orthopedics and surgery, physical therapists, a physician assistant, and pre-PT and medical school students. Louisiana hospitality at its best! Thanks Oday!

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Our 2012 brochures were mailed on December 19th. If you did not receive a brochure by mail, please email us with your updated contact information. You can also CLICK HERE and HERE to view an electronic version. Be advised that our 2012 brochure is 30 pages so fill up your ink supply before printing! Or save the ink and print our 2-page calendar.

Please note that the information provided on page 25 of the brochure concerning PRT is subject to update.

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Join Mike Cantrell at the Florida Spine Institute at our newly located Postural Respiration course in Clearwater, FL! Course dates are January 28-29, 2012!

Course Location:
2250 Drew Street
Clearwater, FL 33765

Please contact us for more information and to register, or register online! We hope to see you there!

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Airway & The Anterior Neck
Thursday, April 19th – Friday, April 20th, 2012

Our 4th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration course brings together six highly regarded professionals to share their expertise on the subject of airway and the anterior neck. This symposium will include interactive discussion on the anatomy, neurology and mechanics of the airway and the anterior neck. Emphasis will be place on how to manage the nasal and oral airway both during sleep and upright function. Upper airway obstruction and influences on respiratory and laryngeal function, from asymmetrical torsional alignment of the cranium, neck and thorax, post-traumatic vertigo, cervical trauma, postural pathomechanics and respiratory imbalance will be offered.

Chris Cederberg, MD
Marina Gilman, M.M., M.A. CCC-SLP
Michael Hoefs, DDS, DABCP, FAACP, FADI
Ron Hruska, MPA, PT
Jonathan A. Parker, DDS
Heidi Wise, OD, FCOVD

CLICK HERE to register!

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It’s been a fun year teaching the newest introductory course through PRI, ”Pelvis Restoration – An Integrated Approach to Treatment of Pubo-Sacral Pathomechanics”.  I have loved the feedback and interaction with other professionals across the country.  What has been the most rewarding for me has been getting individuals to “think outside the box” when it comes to the pelvic floor.  For some, they “turn and run the other way” when they see the title and others come expecting what they have learned from other pelvic floor courses.  I feel the course has exceeded expectations from these thought processes by the feedback we have received.  If you treat back pain, hip pain, SI pain, breathing disorders, gait, etc., then I challenge you to consider that you also treat the pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor does not do the same thing on the left side in the stance phase of gait as it does on the right side during swing phase.  Not even to mention if you don’t have frontal plane control of an hemi-pelvis you will not get the pelvic floor in the proper position for alternating reciprocal function.  Every patient needs to walk so every patient needs a pelvic floor.  Have you ever wondered why athletes have pelvic floor symptoms when they have never had children or surgery?  Poor synchronization of breathing, poor inhibition of the anterior inlet/posterior outlet, poor frontal plane control of an inlet and outlet of the hemi-pelvis and again poor reciprocal alternating function. This course integrates Myokinematics and Postural Respiration. You are missing a piece in the Left AIC and PEC chains without the pelvic floor component and it may be why your patient can only get 80% better with their current PRI program.  I welcome any additional feedback from PRCs and PRI veterans who have attended this course. - Lori Thomsen, MPT, PRC

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PRI speaker Jen Poulin was in Minneapolis, MN the weekend of October 22-23, 2011, teaching a Myokinematic Restoration course. Here is a great quote from one of the attendees!

“Mind-blowing. I feel there’s a whole realm I can tie this into in my training but no idea where yet.”

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Last week Gregory Parfianowicz traveled to Poland to educate a group of therapists and dentists on Postural Respiration and Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration.  We asked Gregory a few questions about his trip…

Who was in attendance?
We had physical therapists, dentists, dental technicians and orthodontists attending a 2-day PRI overview course with emphasis on “Cervical-Cranial -Mandibular Restoration”.
I was impressed that so many dentists are considering, if not already , working closely with physical therapists (at least 3 attendees have extra room in their office for PT and employ one on part time basis).

Why do you think there is an interest from the dentists in that area?
I believe that dentists and orthodontists in Poland are becoming even more concerned with patients not responding fully to their treatment and the patients are breaking appliances/crowns more often on the left side than right. They are concerned with those patients negatively advertising their practice in cases where they are being charged for the service which didn’t work.
By the end of each day we had a discussion going all over the room with suggestions, it wasn’t one way communication, it was sharing information between each profession to help the patient.
One dentist sent a text to her husband during lunch on the first day- “Before I do any type of tooth work, including fillings, I need to contact and discuss the case with the patient’s physical therapist, optometrist, and psychiatrist.”

Do you have any future plans for PRI courses in Poland?
We hope to do the next course for “teams” of physical therapists and dentists in the spring of 2012 and hopefully another Myokinematic Restoration course for physical therapists as well.

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PRI Pelvis Restoration speaker Lori Thomsen recently taught a course in Chapel Hill, NC. Here is a great quote from one of the attendees!

“Lori was amazing! What a great instructor!!! Thank you so much, I love the course!”

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We are excited to be teaming up again next year with Maryland Sports Care & Rehab! On February 18-19 the Urbana Clinic will host Postural Respiration. James Anderson will be instructing the course. Please register early as we anticipate a full class. 

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James recently presented our Myokinematic Restoration course at the Alaska PT Association - Fall Conference.  James had the privilege to speak to nearly 90 attendees as well as find time for some fishing. He shared with us this email from a course attendee….

Dear James,

First I would like to personally thank you for coming to Alaska this past weekend to lecture on myokinematic restoration. Your course helped immediately relieve the frustration I have experienced for years regarding physical therapy protocols. My clinic has put into practice the skills we learned from your course from the very first patient of the day on Monday morning.  We have not had a single patient leave the office without substantial improvement in their condition all week!

The most dramatic cases include an elderly woman, 3 month post lumbar fusion, 6 year post bilateral hip replacement with pain of 8/10 VAS in her low back and hips. She was unable to stand from a chair without pulling herself up with her arms. In under 10 minutes, not only was she reporting pain of 0/10 VAS, but she was also able to stand from chairs of many different heights independently!

Another patient was a 20 y.o. female, hurt her back at work and had received chiropractic and exercise therapy for 8 weeks without any improvement. Pain of 8/10 VAS when I first evaluated her Tuesday morning. When she left my office, after using the repositioning techniques and 2 exercises, her pain was 0/10 VAS and it held through her day of work! She SKIPPED into my clinic this morning for her 2nd appointment. Her worst pain since Tuesday was a 1/10 VAS. We are now working on getting her into better shoes (no more flip flops) and today she was able to walk with improved stride, stance, and even demonstrated arm swing; all with pain ratings of 0/10 VAS.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough at this point. Thank you for validating our concerns with the status quo. Thank you for helping us be the physical therapists we wanted to be! We look forward to taking more of your courses in the near future.

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