O Canada! Cue the National Anthem! This weekend I was accompanied by my friend and colleague, Josh Olinick, PT, PRC as my lab assistant. I enjoyed submersing myself in the “PRI think tank”  with Josh on the way to Windsor, Ontario. We read and reviewed the latest article that was found and posted on the PRI webite by Jason Masek, “The Effect of Pelvic Tilt on Radiographic Markers of Acetabular Coverage”.  What a great addition to the Myokinematics of the Hip and Pelvis course. The entire course I was able to connect AF position with the author’s findings of radiographic markers and how POSITION matters! Better yet was when host, Ryan Thomas told the class the reason he got interested in PRI was after reading the article “The Value of Blowing up a Balloon” co-authored by Josh and Dr. Kyndy Boyle, PT, PRC.

We finished the weekend with Josh explaining the science behind the Balloon exercise. This was a nice transition for those planning on attending the Postural Respiration course in Windsor next year.

Of the 21 attendees, 18 of them were hearing about PRI for the first time and they were following right along! They left excited about integrating PRI into the clinic, strength and conditioning facility and classroom! Thank you Richard, Ryan and the rest of the staff from Western Ontario Sports Injuries and Rehab for your excellent hospitality! 

Of course there are Yellow VW's in Canada too!


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While there was only one course held this past weekend, it looks like it was a great one (check out these pictures)! I keep getting great feedback from course attendees about the newest PRI Affiliate course, PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician. Here is what James Anderson had to say about the weekend!

Woodbury, MN (PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician) - "I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I didn’t get snowed-in, so that in itself makes it a good trip. But when you throw in the fantastic group of PRI enthusiasts that attended this course and a topic like “Respiration and Alternating Reciprocal Motion”, it was definitely a great weekend.  A big thank you to Robin at Woodwinds Hospital for hosting and to Carrie Langer for being such a great assistant. PRI has definitely grown and evolved since Carrie and I sat together in the first class of PRC applicants back in 2004.

The group did a great job appreciating that this Home Integration course is more of a hybrid of Impingement and Instability and Advanced Integration material than it is an oversimplified PRI course for geriatrics in the home. The amount of clinical application ideas was a pleasant surprise to everyone in attendance and they could see ways to use the new ideas in multiple settings. It’s neat when you can present to an experienced group of PRC caliber clinicians and see light bulbs come on because of the integrated way the material has been put together. This is why I love writing and teaching PRI!" - James Anderson

Posted October 22, 2013 at 9:19PM
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Portland, ME (Pelvis Restoration) - "This past weekend in Maine, we had over half the class attending their first PRI Course!  It was exciting time to introduce so many to the science of PRI.  Pelvis Restoration covers a lot of material in two days and I feel there were a lot of forward thinking practitioners in the room.  The course attendees truly understood how the body integrates and importance of obtaining left stance and right swing position for stability on the left side.  Thank you to Michael Mullin and OA Centers for Orthopaedics for hosting us this weekend." - Lori Thomsen

Pitman, NJ (Postural Respiration) - "I totally enjoyed the course at Endeavor Sports this past weekend.  We spent a great deal of time working through the difficult concepts of Postural Respiration.  As the weekend went on however, the class became very excited and by the end it was like a firecracker in a henhouse with questions and answers flying everywhere!  A big thank you to Kevin Neeld and Endeavor Sports. I had a blast and I know many of the students were totally switched-on!" - Mike Cantrell

Posted October 16, 2013 at 3:46PM
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It was another busy weekend with 3 PRI courses held across the country this past weekend! Here's what our faculty had to share:

Des Moines, IA (Myokinematic Restoration) - "Wow! What a great course this weekend in the Heartland! I had the privilege of teaching another group of clinicians new to the Science of PRI. It was so great to see heads nodding and connections being made as these therapists made a paradigm shift over to the world of PRI. Host site coordinator, Tate Van Houten provided excellent mentorship throughout the weekend. Thanks to Tate and his staff for making me feel so welcomed. I even got my first taste of a “Corn Nut” when in Iowa…" - Jen Poulin

Chapel Hill, NC (Postural Respiration) - "I really had a great weekend in North Carolina, soakin up all the experienced PRI love in that part of the country. By experienced PRI love, I mean 1) that several of the course attendees have been to just about as many courses as I have over the last 15 years (and that's saying something) and 2) that I consider each of these "PRI Junkies" good friends who always make me feel loved and welcome. A big thanks to Susan Henning for being such a great host and to everybody in attendance for the enthusiasm and high interest. What a powerful discussion on the left posterior mediastinum and the concept of alternating reciprocal trunk rotation to "power up" the human thorax by inhibiting the autonomic nervous system. Gotta love Respiration!" - James Anderson

New York, NY (Myokinematic Restoration) - "What a treat to be able to travel to New York City to teach the first PRI course in the city! Not only did I have a great time teaching this course, but I also got to visit my grandson, Maxwell! A big thank you to Tom at Finish Line Physical Therapy for getting PRI to New York City, and for being such a wonderful host site. Also, thank you to Karen Taylor Soiles for lab assisting. I have no doubt that PRI will continue to grow in NYC and I look forward to returning to teach Postural Respiration in March!" - Ron Hruska

Posted October 10, 2013 at 3:02PM
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The new PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician affiliate course has been a wonderful resource for many populations, beyond just the geriatric patient in the home setting, including:  

  • geriatric patients in the hospital setting
  • geriatric patients in the outpatient setting
  • geriatric and other patients in a SNF setting
  • chronic and excessively painful patients with poor tolerance to traditional or other exercises

This last group has really benefited from the simplicity and integrated nature of these new exercises, allowing them successful and tolerable options to help them meet PRI treatment objectives. 

Loving the universal application to so many different patient groups. I look forward to teaching this class again in Minneapolis next weekend! There is still space available, so if you are interested in attending, you can call or register online!

Posted October 9, 2013 at 2:48PM
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It was a busy weekend with three PRI courses being held in the Midwest. Here's what our faculty had to say after their weekend!

Bismarck, ND (Pelvis Restoration) - "We had a great weekend in North Dakota. I feel the class had an improved understanding with how the pelvic and respiratory diaphragms integrate for reciprocal alternating function. The “snowball” analogy had many of the course participants having a “light bulb” moment or appreciating if the pelvis can’t rotate left the trunk can’t rotate right or if the trunk can’t rotate right the pelvis can’t rotate left. This can’t happened without integration and integration can’t happen without triplanar motion. Thank you St. Alexus for hosting a wonderful weekend!" - Lori Thomsen

Ann Arbor, MI (Myokinematic Restoration) - "What a great weekend in Ann Arbor Michigan! Patrick Hoban, owner of Probility and his staff were excellent hosts. The majority of the attendees were taking their first course. I enjoyed sharing PRI’s “Paradigm shift” and it brought back several emotions I felt when I first listened to Ron over 12 years ago. What I remembered is that the science of PRI is exciting, yet un-nerving when you first learn about common patterns of the human body. I assured the class with time and practice, they too will see the Left AIC in their patients! I had to change my analogy from the Yellow VW to the Ford 150 truck for my new friends living so close to the Motor City!" - Jen Poulin

Bartlett, IL (Myokinematic Restoration) - "What a great time in Chicago this weekend!  This dynamic group of MLB trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and (my favorite) student PT's learned why we use the green crayon to visualize and color the Obturator Internus.  Thank you to Joel for being such a great host, to Donna Byrne for lab assisting, to Bill Hartman for influencing so many of the performance professionals attending, to Joe Cicinelli for bringing no fewer than 6 of his PT school classmates and to George for traveling all the way from Southern England!  Let's plan that PRI course in England. And a big thank you to Zac and Scott for the signed and framed March 1986 Sports Illustrated cover of "The Legend".  What a meaningful gift that is already hanging in a special place in my office (just above the autographed Larry Bird basketball).  Hand on your heart for the color Green, the Obturator Internus, the World Champion '86 Celtics and THE original "Big Three"!  Pick up your green crayon and kiss it!  MmmmWah!!" - James Anderson

Posted September 25, 2013 at 3:14PM
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Impingment and Instability - "After teaching the Impingement and Instability course in Everett, Washington, I reflected on the significance of this course and its objectives as they relate to inherent stability. We all have some degree of instability and some degree of stability....but choosing the amount of each will not be possible if one can't transition from the sagittal plane to the frontal and from the frontal to the transver plane. Both this course and the Postural Visual Integration course offer guidelines on 'transitional' stability." - Ron Hruska

Myokinematic Restoration - "I traveled to Montgomery, Alabama and taught Myokinematic Restoration to a small group of 15 eager PT’s, PTA’s and Pilates instructors.  All the PT’s and PTA’s (except one PT) were brand new to PRI and its principles and the entire class seemed very interested and excited to learn more about this fascinating science!" - Mike Cantrell 

Posted September 18, 2013 at 8:57PM
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Missoula, MT (Pelvis Restoration) - "What a great weekend in MT teaching Pelvis Restoration!  Missoula, MT reminded me a lot of Burlington, VT.  I even had Aric in the course who understood the real VT state bird is not the Hermit Thrush, but the "Geezum Crow!". Thanks Aric for helping me feel at home on the other side of the country!  This group featured new attendees and seasoned PRI therapists.  It was fun to challenge those hearing about the science for the first time, and the 'Big Sky moments' of those familiar with PRI.  I myself felt the need for some Inlet inhibition after climbing the 'M' trail on Thursday afternoon.  The views were spectacular along with the hospitality of this group!  I look forward to any opportunity to visit my new friends in MT in the future!" - Jen Poulin


Coppell, TX (Postural Respiration) - "Enjoyed an absolutely fantastic weekend in Dallas Texas soaking up all the hospitality of the Lone Star State.  So grateful. Good food, fun people and lots of laughs highlighted a very rewarding two days in Big D.  Speaking of Big D, what better place to talk about the Diaphragm as it relates to human movement and performance. It was fun to come together and realize that the neurological, respiratory, and biomechanical influence of this foundational performance muscle literally affects everything we do. Thank you Amy and the staff from GoSportsTherapy for being such a great host and all the guys from TMI Sports Performance for your high interest and enthusiasm.  Looking forward to coming back to Texas!" - James Anderson

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Ron Hruska will be teaching Postural Respiration in Lincoln on Sept 27-28th, and the early registration deadline is this Friday. In addition to receiving the early registration rate, please call us to receive a one time offer of 15% off tuition for this Lincoln course!

“I’m looking forward to Sept. 26-27th and the opportunity to teach how rib, and accompanying thoracic rotation is such an integrated necessity for cervical freedom. If you want to start your Fall off with a powerful “lift” consider this course. It’s an “added” course to this year’s schedule which will give attendees great one on one time with an instructor that’s passionate about maximizing rib potential!”

Posted August 28, 2013 at 3:28PM
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This weekend officially kicks off PRI’s fall 2013 schedule! Lori Thomsen is heading to Warner Robins, GA to teach Pelvis Restoration and James Anderson is teaching the first PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician affiliate course in Salem, OR! Both courses are FULL!

The majority of our September courses have already been confirmed, and I have started confirming October courses as well. If you are considering taking a PRI course before the end of the year, please check out the rest of the 2013 courses and register today! Spots are filling up!

I am also adding 2014 course dates weekly, so check back often if you are wanting to get a head start on what courses you want to take next year!

Posted August 22, 2013 at 5:25PM
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