Looking forward to the PRI Vision Integration for the Baseball Player course after seeing the materials that will be covered. The introduction of the PRI vision concepts into our player progressions have been a powerful adjunct, and a missing piece, for some of those hard to crack cases. Getting an apprecation for space in a sport that is constantly looking for more visual focus has allowed some of our players to get into a position of transition and reciprocation that they were previously unable to attain. 

Andrew Hauser, ATC, RSCC, PRT
Arizona Diamondbacks Minor League Medical Coordinator

Posted September 16, 2014 at 12:51AM
Categories: Courses PRI Vision

Many of our remaining 2014 courses are full, and others are filling up quickly! If you are hoping to attend a course yet this year, and have not signed up, I would be sure to do so soon if seats are still available. As we are nearing the end of the year, we have begun adding 2015 courses to our online schedule! Courses are being added to the website daily, so be sure to check them out. We hope to have the schedule completely finalized over the next month, and the 2015 brochures will be sent out the first week of December!

Posted September 9, 2014 at 6:18PM
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My daughter and I enjoyed a smashing time in England with my host Martin Higgins at ProSport Physiotherapy. He and his wife, Helen took us in and rolled out the red carpet for us. York is a beautiful place and the group of clinicians that I had the pleasure of speaking to were wonderful!  I took multiple pictures as did Helen and two of those photos are here. Both were taken during the course, which was divided: 1. Inside for lecture and 2. outside in the beautiful English air for Lab.  I am looking forward to continued success in Jolly old England as next year we hopefully present Postural Respiration to this sharp bunch of clinicians!!!

Posted August 29, 2014 at 2:02PM
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Loveland, CO (Postural Respiration) - A fantastic weekend in beautiful and majestic Colorado discussing the neurological effects of moving away from neutral into extension. Sacral extension, lumbar extension, diaphragm extension and the big one..., thoracic extension. Hyperinflation and limited rib mobility were discussed as contributors to an extended thoracic posture and a sympathetic functional state. The flat thoracic spine and also the overtrained lordotic mid to upper thoracic spine (that resembles a dog dish) can have a huge negative impact on this precious space called the Posterior Mediastinum. When the thoracic spine is flat in the back, the ribs are up in the front. When the inner scapular wall looks like the inside of Scooby-Doo's dog dish, you have a real problem. 

In addition to all the stories I tend to tell, the best story of the weekend came from my lab assistant, Craig Depperschmidt, DPT, PRC. He taught us a powerful lesson in neurology and movement when he shared the real life true story of his recent wrestle with an alligator. He was naturally concerned about his own well being, including alligator tail whip (frontal plane) and alligator "death roll" (transverse plane) maneuvers. But he told the story with an aura of confidence that clearly stemmed from his PRI background (and of course the advice of his alligator wrestling coach). He was taught that he could dramatically limit motion in the frontal plane and in the transverse plane if he increased motion in, you guessed it...,the sagittal plane. He approached the alligator from the tail and after securing his jaw, he pulled that beast into hyperextension. Alas, Craig was safe from tri-planer alligator movement because he appreciated the neurological and biomechanical effects of our old friend extension. Loved the story Craig, and was really grateful for the many ways it taught us about how to improve our patterns of training human movement. 

Craigs Story:

"A few weeks ago I had the fortunate experience to wrestle some alligators with a friend...for a purpose! There is an alligator preserve in southern Colorado that needs help inspecting the alligators for wounds (alligators fight each other a lot). So they get not-so-bright people like myself to pay money to wrestle the gators and inspect them for wounds. Supposedly the only place in the world you can do that! It was intense! 

First rule in alligator wrestling: stay away from the pointy end! Alligators only have a frontal and transverse plane....they can whip to the side to get you and will perform a "death roll" once they lock on to your body with their jaws. The trick is to get on their back (they can't see you if you come from behind them) and pull them into extension. They are helpless once you do that. That is, once you extend them, they loose their frontal and transverse plane. Sounds a little like PRI, eh?"

Posted August 28, 2014 at 3:40PM
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Madison, WI (Myokinematic Restoration) - I had another great weekend in the city of Middleton and the home of great cheese and another Ice bucket challenge at the end of day one. The course attendees learned how to control their sympathetic nervous systems, get on their left legs in AFIR and exhale prior to pouring ice cold water for a worthy cause. I got caught in the cross fires of the ice water, so that counts for at least one more of my 5 nominations! This group of attendees included PT's PTA's, Strength Coaches, a chiropractor and an ATC! I love how PRI is reaching out into multiple arenas of clinical practice. 

We mixed up the lab session by throwing the attendees in 4 catogories of Patho and Non Patho Left AICs and Patho PECS and it was revealed once again that underneath every PEC lies a Left AIC. This grouping really drilled that point home and I am happy to report even our strongest PEC in the room repositioned with his Right Glute Max. All hail Gluteus! A shout out to Kevin Vogelzang from Missoula, MT for stepping up to help with me lab, Nick Rosencutter for single handedly influencing over half the class to attend in one way or another and Kane Sivesind for being such a gracious host. A good time was had by all!!!  PRI is taking hold in Wisconsin!

Posted August 27, 2014 at 9:00PM
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Taught Myokin in Santa Cruz
The group was so smart, couldnt lose!
Knowledge is power
It grew hour by hour
And Matthew Tripp didn't snooze!!!

Had a great weekend on the west coast. The class photo is a selfie i took during a "breakout session" on Sunday. The groups were trouble-shooting a case that i presented. They came up with all the right answers. The other photo is outside "Betty's Eat Inn" at lunch on Saturday in Santa Cruz. Thanks to Carrie Robinson, DPT for taking the shot. After lunch, I bought two of their T-shirts; one for me and one for my daughter Betty. Wore mine on sunday by request!!!  What a great bunch and what a nice weekend in Santa Cruz. Thank you Jonathan Holtz: A great host and a stand-up guy!!!

Posted August 21, 2014 at 1:44PM
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Boy, you missed a good weekend.

IFAST hosted Jennifer Poulin and her rendition of Myokinematic Restoration this past weekend.

We had a great group of people. And we had dinner.

And we welcomed our Nebraskan special guest, Matt Hornung!

Whether you’re a therapist or a strength coach, you need to take this course. And you need to start coming to IFAST for your PRI needs because we have too much fun.

Keep reading:

P.S. Do me a favor and tweet that tweet that I put in the post. Jennifer a.k.a. J Po will love it.

Posted August 14, 2014 at 4:33PM
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I am not really sure where to begin.. I had one of the BEST times teaching Myokinematic Restoration at iFAST this past weekend.  Bill Hartman and his staff overwhelmed me with their kindness and passion for PRI. From the moment I arrived with Matt Hornung at the Spring Hill Suites to the send off gathering on Sunday night, I felt like I had known these course attendees my whole life. .  We all learned the Power of Position, Patterns, Performance and Parasympathetics for our atheletes and patients.  And they all got Poulinized in the process. The theme of this course was “AH HA! And Say What??"  We had a diverse group of clinicians from PTs, ATC’s, MT’s, CSCS’s, DC and PT students.  PRINATION is quickly evolving into PRIWORLD as one attendee, Aaron Boyle came from Australia to immerse himself in PRI with like-minded clinicians.  We came full circle on Sunday afternoon as the “Say What’s?” turned into “AH-Has”!  The new clinicians were enlightened to patterns that had come to appreciate with a different PRI lens. Thanks again to IFAST for making my cheeks hurt from laughing all weekend along! 

Posted August 13, 2014 at 7:45PM
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Myokinematic Restoration was my first live course that I’ve taken since starting with PRI about a month ago. The course was held at IFAST, the facilities were top notch but the thing that blew me away was how welcoming and genuine the people at the course were. I walked in not knowing a soul and I walked away feeling like I was leaving a family behind. I had never been to a place where people were so excited about learning, we all soaked it up.

 My “aha moment” was when we were going over the Hruska Adduction Lift Test and I realized that every single movement in it reciprocates a part in the gait cycle. Jennifer did such a great job teaching and targeting her talk to the group of people she was speaking to. Her passion was contagious and the energy of the room matched her.  This was by far my best professional experience. What was your first “aha moment” of your first course?

Posted August 12, 2014 at 9:18PM
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Had another fantastic weekend in Beantown with Art Horne and the fantastic group at Northeastern University teaching Myokinematic Restoration. What a thrill to stand at the front of a theatre type lecture hall with over 50 brilliant professionals who were so dialed into the science of PRI. Loved meeting the strength staff from Harvard University and getting a feel for the passion and commitment to excellence had by @IronCrimson. You guys were a welcome addition to the passionate crowd we already enjoy there in Boston.

Also grateful for all three of my lab assistants, Donna Behr, Chris Poulin and Michal Niedzielski All the great feedback from the class confirms that you guys are every bit as good as expected. Michal, your physics calculation on the extra Newtons of rotational force available to the young girl with full hip rotation vs the restricted girls was phenomenal. And the tweet of the weekend has to go to you Art Horne (@BSMPG_1) when you sent out this gem: "Don't Internally Rotate until U Approximate, least U Compensate".  #BOOM!

Posted August 6, 2014 at 3:00PM
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